• Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Create IT Group supply an d professio nally install cost reducing, high-definition vi deo confer encing systems. Video conferencing systems are now more frequently a part of a customers IT infrastructure as communications technology continues to converge. Our solut ions are all uniquely recommended to business requirements and can consist of desktop, computer and room based systems.

Your employees are more valuable to you when their time is spent working on delivering to your customers, than it is spent travelling. Our video conferencing expertise delivers an outstanding user experience, with realistic quality that facilitates human interaction and collaboration.

Desktop, PC & Room Video Conferencing

These systems are designed for an individual workspace, such as a desk or small office. Real time, face-to-face meetings enable you to increase your productivity and delivery to your customers without leaving your seat.

In brief, you are simply adding mobility to your video conferencing solution, enabling your employees to remain productive and collaborative from within the office, on the road or when working from home (tele-working) using their Internet connection.

Room video conferencing can transform an existing meeting room into a fully collaborative environment b etween other offices, customers and suppliers without the need to travel anywhere.

Desktop, PC & Room Video Conferencing