At SMC Systems, we believe that when we make a sale or render a service, it is only the beginning of a long relationship. With this in mind, we undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) for DataCenter, Networking, System Hardware and Software to provide professional services to ensure that your networking continues to perform at its peak and to minimise the possibility of down times and other glitches. So if you have been pleased with your interaction with us during our initial service/product offering, then do consider making use of our services - the solution to any networking problem you face is just a phone call away! And if you had your initial networking solution provided by another service provider, we would still be happy to work with you to help ensure that your network is performing to its full capacity at all times.

Our specialties

Maintenance of IT infrastructure has become essential to various customers looking for better and better option to keep their system up running with minimum downtime.

SMC Systems offers Annual Maintenance contract, comprehensive or non comprehensive for IT infrastructure includes hardware and software support

Networking components including Switches, Routers and Modems, Firewal

SMC Systems provides services from Monday to Saturday and 24/7, 365 days.